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London Rebel Drivers – Join the jam!

We work for UPS, DHL, Deliveroo, Uber, Ocado and others. We supply this city with goods. We drive hard and they drive us harder: the drops per shift go up, they monitor us more and pay us less. Some sisters and brothers have had enough: after management announced a pay cut drivers at Deliveroo and Uber Eats told them to get lost and pay them more. Something inspiring we can learn from…

If the government can enforce a congestion zone, why shouldn’t we as workers be able to enforce that none of us has to drive or ride on London streets for less than £12/ph?

We run a blog and forum with news and views about driving in London, about the tough and the fun side of the daily traffic jam. You can write to us anonymously, we will publish your news and stories. If you have trouble at work (unpaid wages, bullying, too low wages) we will try to back you up…

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