‘Let’s get rooted’ – Zoom debate on university struggle as class struggle


This is the fifth in a series of Zoom meetings. The focus of the meeting is the question how we can combine a new effort to get strategically rooted within the local working class with a process of political debate and coordination beyond our localities. You can find information about the wider project here:


For this meeting we invited students and university workers from Edinburgh, London, New York and New Delhi to talk about their experiences. Our focus will be to debate how the university is separated from, but also part of the wider social production process and therefore of class struggle:

* Universities as capitalist enterprises and the struggles against it
* The relation between students, academic staff and campus workers
* The changed relationship between students and workers in general
* The current ‘discontent’ of educated technical workers, e.g. at Amazon or Google
* How can we go beyond campus politics and relate to workers’ struggles beyond being ‘allies’

Comrades will report from current struggles at Goldsmith (Goldsmith Workers Action), CUNY, NYU GSOC-UAW Local 2110, Edinburgh university and the experience of the ‘University Workers’/‘City Notes’ initiatives in Delhi.


The meeting will take place on Saturday, 20th of June, 4pm UK London time

If you are interested in participating in the debate please send us an email: angryworkersworld@gmail.com

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