Tune in! – Hot autumn/winter plans 2015/16

We’re back from our tour and want to invite you to come out to Greenford, West-London or a similarly remote corner of the internet to hatch some wicked plans. The ideas we came… Continue reading

Open letter to IWW comrades regarding Amazon

Autumnal greetings comrades! We have known some of you for a while, and met some more of you recently on our film screening ‘tour’ earlier this year. It was great to make some… Continue reading

Experiences with local trade unions in West London warehouses

We are well aware of the ideological trap: coming from a left-communist background we have to remind ourselves that an analysis of the trade unions and their role is not something that was… Continue reading

Messing with the drivers!

Report on the situation at Wincanton/Sainsbury’s Transport Office in Greenford Contents 1. Introduction 2. General set-up and conditions 3. My job 4. Workplace divisions 5. Discontents 6. Supply and demand 7. Monitoring, surveillance,… Continue reading

Workers’ fear and loathing in London’s western badlands – A jigsaw publication

Dear fellow ramblers, unfortunately we don’t have the time to write a well-versed and nicely edited book about the stuff going down here in West-London. Nevertheless, we think it would be helpful for… Continue reading

At the dead-end of the runway

Report about working at the airline caterer Alpha LSG – Sky Chef in Southall, near Heathrow airport The following report is a longer version of a snappier article for our local paper WorkersWildWest… Continue reading

Drop out! – Invite to come to Greenford…

Just come out of the educational bubble and struggling with post-grad depression? Fed up with your mindless existence trapped in the monkey rat-race? Sick of the job centre being on your case, demanding… Continue reading

On the ‘social strike’

Our contribution for the Plan C Fast Forward Festival September 2015 Dear fellow travellers, We send the following thoughts ahead of the Plan C festival hoping that it will allow people who attend… Continue reading

Ditching the Fear!

Warehouse workers struggles in Italy and their wider significance by AngryWorkersWorld, July 2015 In May 2015, a few of us from AngryWorkers went to Bologna to meet some of the warehouse workers involved… Continue reading


Short Reports from AngryWorkers Northern Tour… Thanks to Manchester, Hebden Bridge and Leeds Plan C and Bradford and London IWW for hosting the meetings on the northern leg of our AngryWorkers tour! While… Continue reading