Drop out! – Invite to come to Greenford…

Just come out of the educational bubble and struggling with post-grad depression? Fed up with your mindless existence trapped in the monkey rat-race? Sick of the job centre being on your case, demanding… Continue reading

On the ‘social strike’

Our contribution for the Plan C Fast Forward Festival September 2015 Dear fellow travellers, We send the following thoughts ahead of the Plan C festival hoping that it will allow people who attend… Continue reading

Ditching the Fear!

Warehouse workers struggles in Italy and their wider significance by AngryWorkersWorld, July 2015 In May 2015, a few of us from AngryWorkers went to Bologna to meet some of the warehouse workers involved… Continue reading


Short Reports from AngryWorkers Northern Tour… Thanks to Manchester, Hebden Bridge and Leeds Plan C and Bradford and London IWW for hosting the meetings on the northern leg of our AngryWorkers tour! While… Continue reading

Contribution to debate on ‘social strikes’ and ‘directional demands’

Comments on Plan C Leeds text: “On Social Strikes and Directional Demands” [1] By AngryWorkersWorld Dear comrades, We want to contribute to the discussion on ‘social strikes’, based on a text written by… Continue reading

Introduction to WorkersWildWest

Trial-and-error of a political workers’ newspaper in West-London Tentativi ed errori, esperienze di lotta in/di un giornale politico di lavoratori dell’ovest di Londra Ensayo y error de un órgano de prensa política obrera… Continue reading

“Gr***ford? Where the hell’s that?!”

A summary of our organising efforts so far in the warehouse/logistics sector and why we need your help! That’s where a small group of us has been since January 2014, working and trying… Continue reading

Meeting on Crisis and Class Struggle in the UK – Liverpool, September 2014

*** Discussion Paper and Minutes A dozen of us met for three days in order to discuss the situation of crisis and struggles in the UK and beyond and about the question of… Continue reading

Invite for Crisis/Class Struggle Discussion and Coordination Meeting

Dear comrades, Although this meeting has been initiated by comrades active in AngryWorkersWorld (London/UK) and Workers’ Initiative (Poland), this is no recruitment drive. This meeting is an open forum for comrades who, coming… Continue reading

On relations between capitalist development, class struggle and communist organisation

We re-circulate this text for debate on our September 2014 meeting in Liverpool. If you have comments or are interested in participating, drop us a line: angryworkersworld@gmail.com a) Intro The proposal for a workers’… Continue reading