Thoughts after the Markfield Park Attack, June 2014

Migrant workers: Between Polish and English nationalism By comrades involved with Workers Initiative (Poland) and AngryWorkersWorld (UK). We write this short statement in the aftermath of the attack of Polish nationalists on party-goers… Continue reading

Never Mind the Bankers…Some thoughts on the UK Crisis

A working paper on some thoughts we’ve gathered about the current stage of crisis and current phase of struggle in the UK. In this paper, we attempt to analyse the crisis and current… Continue reading

Community champions and crack

Report after working as a caretaker on an East London housing estate This report was written after a year working as a caretaker on a notorious housing estate in East London (I won’t… Continue reading

Spring/Summer Wandering 2014

AngryWorkersWorld – Wandering Spring/Summer 2014 Dear Friends and Comrades, We’ve got itchy feet and we’d like to spend a weekend in your town/city sometime this spring/summer! The idea would be to link up… Continue reading