System Series – Part Four – A history of revolutions

This is a draft for the fourth part of our system series – it will be published in our local workers’ paper WorkersWildWest. We want to write something basic about the system we… Continue reading

Defend and expand working class social space! – Thoughts on (Labour) Council cuts in Ealing, rowdy NIMBY meetings and a report of a local library worker

Ealing Council announced they wanted to close seven local libraries – giving a phoney option of running the libraries by volunteers, without proper funding. There is resistance from some UNISON folks and we… Continue reading

Short comments on Mike Davis’ “Old Gods and New Enigmas – Notes on Revolutionary Agency”

We decided to read and discuss Mike’s text because the question he is asking is a pertinent one: ‘who can become a social force of revolution?’ By looking at what constituted revolutionary agency… Continue reading

IWOC and West-London Solidarity Network meeting to support Feltham youth prisoners

Together with London IWOC we organise a meeting in Southall to coordinate support and monthly stalls at Feltham youth prison. It’s working class people who suffer most, both from ‘poor on poor’ crime… Continue reading

Blast from the past – Workers Inquiry like it’s 1999

Interviewed by friends from ‘Notes from Below’, one of us reflects with comrades about workers inquiries in call centres in the bad old 1990s. Ain’t getting younger, but the experience might still be… Continue reading

AngryWorkers – Class Struggle Reading Group – 2nd of May 2019

At the next meeting of our class struggle reading group we want to discuss the first 33 pages of Marx’ ‘German Ideology’… We chose the text because it can help us to understand… Continue reading

Meeting with worker-comrade from Brazil

Brazil: A proletarian response to populism Come join us in a presentation and discussion with a comrade from the Invisíveis group in Brazil. He will be talking about the work of his collective,… Continue reading

AngryWorkers – Class Struggle Reading Group – Corrected dates

AngryWorkers are hosting a reading group based on texts about different aspects of class struggle. We hope to have a meeting every two months. There will be a text (maximum 30 pages) to… Continue reading

Looking forward in anger – AngryWorkers’ review of 2018 and plans for the new year

Comrades, 2019 will be a good one! The political honchos from left to right are in chaos, the crisis is sharpening. What we need are independent working class initiatives that combine self-defense against… Continue reading

Workers’ Power at Heathrow – A report

A friend works as a maintenance engineer at Heathrow airport. You can read about working conditions and organising efforts below – a shorter version will be distributed to Heathrow workers in WorkersWildWest no.9.… Continue reading