AngryWorkers au soleil – Report after an escape to Marseille

Comrades from Marseille invited us to a weekend trip of discussion and sunshine. They run a local social / working class centre under the collective name Camarade/ Collectif Classe [1], where they organise… Continue reading

AngryWorkers go stateside – Report from a visit to the US

  In 2017 AngryWorkers organised a series of events about what’s going on politically in the USA. We spoke to comrades involved in grassroots activities to try and get a sense of what’s… Continue reading

Thoughts on organisation – Take 3

Comrades from the US sent us some question about what we think about building wider class organisations beyond our small group. We responded briefly… Thanks for the question, we will use them as… Continue reading

Chillers, bullies and Fatsolve – Night-shift drift of a Bakkavor food factory cleaner

Over the last four years we spoke to many night-shift cleaners from local food processing plants. Young guys having a spliff after shift, telling us that using the chemicals for cleaning in confined… Continue reading

Bakkavor Factory Newsletter no.4

PDF files Bakkavor Bulletin 4 English Bakkavor Bulletin 4 Gujarati Bakkavor Bulletin 4 Tamil When will our next pay rise come??? Everyone wants higher wages. We work hard but it is always disappointing… Continue reading

1968 in India

India within the global cycle of class struggle 1960 to 1980 We wrote down some thoughts for a discussion meeting with comrades of wildcat (Germany) about the global uprising of 1968, looking at… Continue reading

A preliminary summary of an IWW organising effort, winter 2017/18

For PDF click here: IWW_west_London_review Shift-changes, London’s western logistics corridor and the Wobblies – A preliminary summary of an IWW organising effort, winter 2017/18 Dedication This text is dedicated to our friend, comrade and fellow… Continue reading

AngryWorkers Basics…

  We updated our ‘About’ page with some basic stuff – ain’t the holy grail or invariant manifesto, just some nuts and bolts… 1. The current system is based on classes. The producers… Continue reading

WorkersWildWest no.7 – A west-London workers’ paper

Click here for PDF: WWW7 Issue no.7 of our local workers’ newspaper – find two articles below, for remaining articles see PDF above. MANY FACES! – SNAPSHOTS FROM DISTRIBUTING WORKERSWILDWEST Sainsbury’s Superstore, Ladbroke… Continue reading

A series of interviews with working class women in west London – Part 5

Click here for PDF: angrywomen5 5. Kemi “I was born in the Netherlands. My mother is Jamaican, she was only sixteen at the time. My father is from Nigeria. I soon moved to Lagos… Continue reading