Many faces! – Snapshots from distributing WorkersWildWest (article to be published and circulated in WorkersWildWest no.6) “If you don’t like it here, you are free to go and look for a different job”, is the usual boss’ bullshit talk.… Continue reading

Flying Pizzas in Harrow – Bakkavor Workers Report

Report: Working at Noon Southall and Bakkavor Harrow Pizza factory I needed a job quick, so I went down to Ironbridge, Southall and signed on with the temp agency called GI Group based… Continue reading

From Solidarity Networks to Class Organisation in Times of Labour Hallucinations

  Dear sisters and brothers, Some comrades from Frankfurt got in touch recently, wanting to set up a solidarity network. They approached us with some concrete questions. [1] We want to use the… Continue reading

Careless: Care Work in West London

What is specific about care work to West London workers? Not a great deal: conditions vary much more widely between specific types of care than from region to region, with the exception of… Continue reading

America First? Transatlantic conversations on class reality and revolt 

US / UK Series – What’s this about? AngryWorkers and friends are holding a series of meetings to get in touch with comrades in the USA to discuss the hot topics of the day.… Continue reading

Sisters, brothers, it’s time for some strategical roots manuvas

There’s a lot of people out there despairing – hoping for struggles for a better world, but feeling isolated and unsure of where to focus their political action. We think we have to… Continue reading

Universal Basic Income – no tool for liberation

We wrote the following as a contribution for discussion at a recent event on UBI in London… Can’t buy me love – UBI ain’t working for workers’ liberation Parts of the radical left… Continue reading

Soldering on – Report on working in a 3D-printer manufacturing plant in London

The current public debate about automation is a highly politicised one. The prospect of having your takeaway sushi dropped onto your roof terrace by a drone or to 3D print a custom made… Continue reading

The end of work? – The cashiers on the front line

(Edited translation from ‘Liberation’, 9th of February 2017) We translated some of the interviews with retail workers in France, focussing on the question of automatisation. *** Yves, 42 years old, employed at IKEA… Continue reading

Retail chain gangs – Workers’ reports from the Sainsbury and Waitrose shop-floor

We are still in process to understand the massive changes in the retail sector in the UK – the concentration process is rapid (see recent take-over of Bookers by Tesco) and so are… Continue reading