Fighting Heathrow expansion from within

Invitation to join a workers’ intervention at Heathrow airport The UK government recently decided to build another runway at Heathrow airport. This will add another 250,000 flights annually to the existing 470,000, worsen… Continue reading

Lessons from the Lucas Plan – Don’t waste working class creativity on Labour and the state

Some of us take part in the ’40 years of Lucas Plan’ conference in Birmingham ( See leaflet below —— One of our grandfathers was a manual worker at Lucas in the Bedford… Continue reading

AngryWorkers on Sojourner Truth Organisation: Some Thoughts

We were asked to write about how we relate to the 1970s American revolutionary group, Sojourner Truth Organisation (STO). Amongst other things, they were involved in workplace organising and developed thinking around race… Continue reading

Insurrection and Production

An empirically heavy mind-game for the debate on working class strategy: First steps in a six-month revolutionary transition period in the UK region (a nice pdf.-pamphlet layout of this text can be found… Continue reading

Amazon Poland: Over 2000 people want to go on strike but restrictive Polish labor laws prohibit it

English translation of the German article: Ralf Ruckus and Jan Podróżny (June 26, 2016) PDF-File: RUCKUS_PODROZNY_2016_Amazon-Poland_2000-workers-want-strike In Germany since 2013, workers organized in the Ver.di trade union at the online mail order business,… Continue reading

Tragedy and comedy in the UK – A short report

Yesterday’s pig heads, Corbyn-mania, Brexit or business as usual – Tragedy and comedy in the UK – A short report Dear fellow travellers, for an international meeting of like-minded rebels we wrote a… Continue reading

From Greenford with Love: Libcom Interview

(in Spanish: Dear libcom crew, Thanks a lot for inviting us to be interviewed! The answers to your questions are below, but before we start, we would like to take a moment to… Continue reading

Snap-Shots on West London Workers’ History

Beyond White City – Some Snap-Shots on West London Workers’ History In order to get our heads around Greenford, Southall, Park Royal area today, seeing how this area developed over the last century… Continue reading

Crisis of family and friends: Working class experiences from west London

The crisis of the family as a way to live together and bring up kids is nothing new. Working class families have always been portrayed as chaotic (missing dads, single/teenage mums, feral kids),… Continue reading

Pushing Dust – Work Report from Greenford Street Cleansing Gangs

We had been distributing WorkersWildWest at Greenford refuse/street cleansing and local bus depot before and talked to some guys, so when the road sweeper job came up I took it. Street sweeping is… Continue reading