Bakkavor Factory Newsletter no.6

  In Gujurati: bakkavor_issue_6 WHERE’S OUR PAY RISE? – VOTE NO TO 16p/44p! After almost one year, we still don’t have our pay rise. Why not?! Most union members voted to reject the… Continue reading

‘Living and Dying on the Factory Floor’ – by Dave Ranney

This book is a thoughtful and easy-to-read account of the author’s experiences in various industrial workplaces in the US in the late 1970s and early 1980s. We’ve all heard about militant steel workers… Continue reading

Pamphlet: We want a new society – and don’t we need it!

The current system is in crisis, everyone can see this. What we cannot see is an alternative. We wrote this pamphlet for a discussion about alternatives. The first step is to understand where… Continue reading

FACTORY OCCUPATION! Temporary and permanent Honda workers in Manesar, India

The global undercurrents of class struggle are not always immediately visible. We see waves of protests erupting in Chile, Honduras, Iraq and Lebanon, which don’t refer to each other in any obvious ways.… Continue reading

Those who came before us – ‘Solidarity’ on the ‘Injection Moulders’ and ‘Punfield and Barstow’ strikes in 1968/69

As a result of the 1968 revolt, decent revolutionary organisations sprung up in west-London’s working class areas, such as Big Flame and Solidarity. At the time, the more general political scene was dominated… Continue reading

Another solidarity network/IWW case – A potential for a strategic leap

  The following case reveals the strategical potential of solidarity networks: to create links between individual proletarians in structurally weak positions and the world of workers’ power in big workplaces. A friend of… Continue reading

Let’s meet in April 2020! – AngryWorkers in the UK

Hi, We’re from AngryWorkers, a small collective based in west London who plan on coming to your region next year in April.  We will have written a book about our organising experiences in… Continue reading

A Prol-Kult Bricolage

“This is so 1980s. This is not even funny” Hannah Aren’t Hello comrades, We’ve entered the culture war and would like to thank the London Arts Council and Momentum’s ‘Activist Art for Socialist… Continue reading

Short reflection on a Solidarity Network / IWW case

In spring 2019 our local solidarity network was approached by a building worker, originally from Punjab, who had worked on a shop conversion of a beauty parlour for a female boss from the… Continue reading

AngryWorkers: A conversation

A IWW comrade and researcher asked us questions about our local experiences and thoughts on working class organising… Q: Do you want to give me a brief description of the group? What are… Continue reading