Solidarity: West-London Newspaper 1969/1970

We are excited to have found some copies of the west London newspaper of the organisation Solidarity from 1969 and 1970. We share some basic ideas with Solidarity – the need for workers’… Continue reading

‘Power hour’ or Workers’ power?! – Reports from two Amazon workers, Hemel Hempstead, Winter 2017/18

With our series of Amazon workers’ reports [1] we hope to not provide yet another sad victim story of how Amazon turns humans into semi-robots. We leave this to the mainstream media. We… Continue reading

Migration and national social democracy in Britain

(Article written for friends of the German collective Wildcat: PDF_Version: Migration and social democracy_PDF “There is a reason for wanting to ensure that we can control migration. It is because of the impact… Continue reading

Bakkavor Factory Newsletter No.2

USING OUR POWER DECEMBER 2017 For PDF click here: Bakkavor Bulletin Issue 2 Bakkavor Bulletin Issue 2 Gujarati – Booklet Bakkavor Bulletin Issue 2 Tamil – Booklet Christmas is coming! The line gets… Continue reading

Leaflet for Amazon workers – December 2017

Amazon workers in Hemel Hempstead and Amazon Flex workers in West London: Let‘s learn from the struggles of our colleagues in Italy, Germany and Poland! Click here for PDF version: AmazonBW It‘s peak… Continue reading

Questionaire for Domestic Work

A lot of our work-mates live in shared housing, ‘patch-work families’ and other domestic set-ups. This questionaire is meant as a guideline for conversations about proletarian domestic work and wider living conditions. It… Continue reading

Bakkavor Factory Newsletter no.1

Click here: Bakkavor Bulletin Issue 1

Questionaire for local reports

This questionaire was written up for reports about the local impacts of austerity in the UK * Where do you live? * How many people live there? * Who are the main employers,… Continue reading

Questionaire for workplace report II

/// Interview Guideline The interview guideline has three sections: 1) Labour Process and Workplace; 2) Wage; 3) ‘Representation’/Politics. /// Overview of the three sections of the interview guideline 1) Labour Process and Workplace… Continue reading

Questionaire for struggle reports

It is undeniably difficult to write a questionnaire that fits all situations. This one puts emphasis on the struggle in work places but if you want to use it at the university or… Continue reading